Drug treatment in Balashikha


Substance abuse clinic Narkozdrav efficiently and reliably will help You or Your loved ones to get rid of drug addiction.

Drug addiction is a serious problem for both the patient and all his relatives.If this problem has affected You or Your family you should immediately seek help from specialists.

A good specialist is able to inspire a patient to give up a bad habit and motivate him for treatment.

Narcological clinic "Narkozdrav" offers high-quality treatment of all forms of drug and alcohol dependence, a team of emergency "Narcostate" (consisting of a psychologist, an emergency physician, nurse and lead doctor) will arrive in any point of Moscow and Moscow region and will provide a modern and qualified support to the patient and his relatives, and then at the request of relatives taken to the hospital where he will hold a prescribed medical procedure.

Clinic "Narkozdrav" offers to perform a step-by-step treatment, aimed at long-term period.


Physical withdrawal


Psychological work with the patient

post-Treatment rehabilitation

In the compartment, all these steps will help the patient to want to avoid most of the physical problems associated with the refusal of drugs, help the organs to clean up the "dirt", socialize and acquire new friends and activities, and then forever push off the tired habit and forget about drugs eventually becoming a completely healthy person who controls his life.



For further assistance you can always contact one of the leading specialists of the clinic "Narkozdrav"

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