How to quit drinking?


do You think that you have started to turn to alcohol to cope with the stress of modern life? Well, anyway, You're not the only one! Modern statistics indicate that over the past two decades alcohol consumption per capita increased by almost a liter to just under seven liters per year. And the number of people who drink alcohol regularly is also growing rapidly.

do You drink more every year?

If You plan to reduce the amount of booze consumed, for physical health, or simply because You are concerned about the long-term consequences, You can try a few small tricks.

Moderation is hell ... For some

it is Important to know that once You cross the line of "problematic drinking", moderation is virtually impossible. Quitting drinking completely may seem scary, but it's actually much easier make. If You are ready to take this step and go beyond your happy sober life, listen to the following tips.

1. Find out why You're doing this

First of all, try to make a list of reasons why You should give up alcohol, and set yourself a limit on how much You can drink. You have to keep drinking to a minimum. Also, contact your doctor to find out how much You can drink.

2. Watch when You drink

For the first few weeks, keep a record of when You drink and describe in detail why and where You drank. Compare this with your goal and see if you have difficulty with its observance. If so, you may need the help of our experts in order to overcome this addiction.

3. Do not keep alcohol in the house

This can help limit alcohol consumption. Replace alcohol with soft drinks, mineral water or fruit juices and never drink alcohol on an empty stomach.

4. Days without alcohol

Choose the days when You will completely avoid drinking alcohol. When You get over it, try to avoid drinking alcohol for a week, then a month, and so on. Also learn to speak "no" to peer pressure. Often Your drinking buddies can make You drink, don't feel obligated to drink alcohol just because Your buddies ask you to.

5. Do what you like

go Back to the old hobby you used to enjoy or start learning something new, spend time actively, it will keep You from wanting to drink alcohol. Also, let your loved ones know that You trying to quit drinking will help you cope.

If You join our treatment program, you will be given separate sessions with a therapist to work with You and Your drinking friends, family and relatives. Our doctors are necessarily support You and Your loved ones in the fight against alcoholism.

6. Avoid temptation

Finally, avoid places or people that tempt You to drink alcohol, and while You may have obstacles, this should not prevent You from reaching your goal. Don't be surprised how aggressive they become Your drinking buddies when they notice you quit drinking. Drinkers need "social proof" and supposed safety among other drinkers.

of Course there is no safety in numbers when it comes to alcohol. It doesn't matter if You drink alone or in a group. Your chances of getting health problems remain the same.

alcohol Creates and causes many diseases, including malignant tumors, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Ask for help

If You're tired of waking up every morning with guilt and regret because You're drunk again to relieve stress. Or, if You have already started to see serious health problems in Your life, maybe be, it's time to say enough.

giving Up alcohol shouldn't be difficult shouldn't be a death sentence in public life (despite what people claim). If You follow our advice on stopping drinking, you Will you will be able to completely painlessly regain control over alcohol consumption.



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