Coding for alcoholism


Clinic "Narkozdrav" started its activity in 1989 under the leadership of honored doctor of the Soviet Union A. R. Dovzhenko. It is this drug clinic was the first where people began to be treated for alcoholism and Smoking in stationary conditions.

clinic Specialization

the Clinic is open seven days a week and therefore specialists can be contacted at any time. And then you will have the following services:

  • get Rid of alcohol dependence;

  • will Be treated to get rid of Smoking;

  • get Rid of gambling;

  • neurosis therapy is Performed;

  • Depression;

  • Relieve stress;

  • Adjust weight.

only highly qualified specialists who perfectly perform the work work work In clinic "Narcozdrav". As evidenced by the number of people they have saved from such problems and dependencies. Into the clinic in most cases, fall those people, relatives who have already come to the treatment and successfully passed it.

a Group of psychotherapists and psychiatrists work purposefully not on the consequence of diseases, but on the identification and elimination of the root cause of the disease. One of the methods used by the clinic "Gift" is coding for alcoholism. And again, the first who introduced this method and at the same time successfully conducted it, was the founder of the center A. R. Dovzhenko.

Treatment method

This method is by far the most popular and recommended by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. And the students of the outstanding doctor with great success apply it for the treatment of alcoholism and Smoking.

But in addition to encoding for alcoholism, the Clinic uses many other successful techniques. All of them allow people to start a new life every day. Psychotherapy has become the most effective method of dealing with data diseases. And its success lies precisely in an integrated approach to solving problems.

The first stage of treatment is drug therapy, during which the patient is relieved of toxins. Then there is a psychological impact on the patient, during which the cause is revealed disease and its elimination. Each patient is an individual approach. And if we talk about coding, then using this method got rid of the dependence of a large number of people.

In the clinic, "Narkozdrav" is always ready to help those who need it. So do not postpone her visit, come and start your life from scratch.



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