Dependence on marijuana


Specialists of the clinic "Narkozdrav" prepared material to help you learn about the dangers of using recreational drugs.

What is marijuana?

Looking at Western comrades, the younger generation of the CIS countries has taken the habit to promote marijuana, in this article, the specialists of the clinic "Narcozdrav" will help to find out whether it is dangerous to use grass, whether there is a dependence on grass and what to do if Your child began to use marijuana.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify one point, in itself clean, medical marijuana is an excellent natural sedative and does not cause any harm to the body with a single use, or use 2-3 times a month. But how do the sellers of "grass" in Russia get this grass? Real medical marijuana needs to grow in the severely restricted conditions of temperature, moist and overall this is a fairly time-consuming process -the cultivation of medical marijuana.

What is sold under the guise of marijuana?

99% of grass buyers do not have a set of reagents and experience of chemists, and can not understand what they sold grass or mixed spice?

a Large percentage of deaths on the basis of street drugs is due to a lack of understanding of the consumer that he has already bought.In the situation with the grass is not a quality product becomes the most dangerous, an overdose of spice starts from 0.2 g.

Also, the dangers of grass (even good) include degradation and memory impairment, which becomes noticeable after 2 weeks of use.

So if Your loved one has started to forget dates/events/names of people and it often smells strange this is a serious reason to think.

Physical dependence on grass

As such, there is no physical dependence on the grass, but the psychological one is present, it is difficult for the user to return to "normal" life and socialize with new people.

Psychological dependence

People who are addicted to marijuana have a standard withdrawal syndrome, in which a person begins to have problems with self-awareness, self-confidence and communication with people who do not use drugs.

How to get rid of the dependency?

Cannabina dependence is one of the easiest dependencies among drugs, even cigarette addiction is recognized by experts as the dependence that is hard to refuse.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the specialists of the clinic "Narcozdrav" are always ready To help and advise You on the current problem.



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