Treatment of alcoholism by the method of Dovzhenko


The specialists of our narcological clinic have been successfully treating addictions for many years and helping many patients to become healthy members of society. Addiction treatment implements highly qualified medical staff, including narcologists and psychologists. A high level of training of doctors is necessary in the treatment of heroin addiction and in the treatment of cocaine addiction. These kinds of dependencies enslaved a large number of people, most have caused irreparable harm to health, and many simply destroyed.

Heroin addiction does not form immediately, this process can take a year, as a person dependent on drugs requires a constant increase in the dose to achieve the desired effect. Most often, before how to start taking heroin, a drug addict already has a long experience of using other drugs, thus heroin becomes the last step in achieving euphoria from drugs. Against the background of such diversity of drug chemical dependence which destroys physical and mental health of the person is formed, conducts to inevitable degradation of the personality. Heroin addiction is dangerous because of the inability to control the frequency and amount of drugs, not be a willful decision to drug addicts of a certain mode of use.

Cocaine addiction usually precedes a heroin trap. Cocaine is highly addictive and overdoses can cause heart attacks or strokes, often fatal. The rapid addiction to the drug is due to his impact on the human brain, it causes a feeling of euphoria, lifting performance and mental strength. The effect of the drug does not last long, the drug addict has a desire to increase the dose for a longer effect, what often leads to an overdose, the consequences of which can be lethal.

The successful treatment of heroin addiction and cocaine addiction requires a conscious and complete cessation of drug addiction, only in this case a professional and consistent treatment narcologists and psychologists of the clinic "Narkomzdrav"will be successful. Treatment of drug dependence will be complex and gradual, the rehabilitation period is long. Narcologists will help to adjust a dream, will remove from an organism all poisonous substances with the help of medical treatment, will adjust the work of all systems of the body. Getting rid of psychological dependence on cocaine and heroin will take a longer time and will allow the patient to find new guidelines in life with the help of psychologist of the clinic. The final stage will be the return to active social life after the treatment of drug addiction with the help of specialists of our clinic.



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