Signs of bath salts drug dependence


Specialists of the clinic of drug Addiction, prepared material on the treatment of salt dependence. Learn how to help yourself and your loved ones.

Salt addiction is one of the most urgent problems in the world of addiction. The fact is that salt is a synthetic drug that has taken the worst of amphetamine, spice blends and MDMA, now salt is a cheap way to have fun for addicts.

Because of the power of its action of salt literally within two to three weeks completely destroy the psyche of a person, he becomes nervous, paranoid tendencies appear, a person becomes psychologically unstable.

do Not forget about the physical consequences, broken teeth, dilated pupils, lack of appetite are all the primary symptoms of salt intake.

How to overcome the dependence on salts?

the First Is Motivation.

For the treatment of salt dependence the most important steps in the treatment is the motivation of the patient and his relatives. It is important to understand that the psychological dependence on salt remains for 24 months, and at any moment of "sobriety" a person can break. In order to avoid this, visit a psychotherapist who with the help of individual or General advice will choose the ideal course of rehabilitation for the patient, and subsequent socialization, as well as pick up new routes and goals in life.

Physical dependency

Salts – drugs that constantly change their shape and color, become more lethal and tasteless because of what are easily used through the mucous membranes, thereby delaying up to 8 months, during which a person will pursue not only psychological, but also the strongest physical withdrawal.

to Remove physical dependence helps AMLO (ultrafast opioid detoxification) which is just a day to completely cleanse the body of the patient and helps him get on the right path.


Due to long-term psychological withdrawal, the patient remains at risk for 2 years from the moment of purity, so when treating salt dependence, it is more important than ever to maintain and observe a course of rehabilitation, visit clubs of "sober" people, call up and communicate with your supervisor, avoid old companies and friends. All these steps will help Your loved one to become a sober, drug-free person.

Remember that the specialists of the clinic of drug Addiction are always ready to help You get rid of salt addiction will help You heal and get rid of this disease forever.



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