Лечение метадоновой зависимости


the Doctors clinic Narkomzdrav prepared material to Methadone. Remember that all there is the medicine and poison.

Methadone – a synthetic drug of the opioid group in Russia is sometimes used as a narcotic. Everything is poison and everything is medicine.

Methadone: Drug or drug?

In our day methadone will continue to use for the treatment of heroin addiction, the fact that the trip from methadone is similar to heroin but has less harm to the body. Roughly speaking, methadone is a substitute for heroin and, for medical purposes, doctors reduce the dose of methadone to heroin addicts to facilitate physical and psychological withdrawal.

However, methadone trafficking often goes into "illegal" mode, thereby creating not heroin but methadone addicts, so most of the narcologists are negative about the idea of methadone treatment.

Signs of Methadone use

Problems with veins – in Russia, methadone is most often used intravenously because of what addicts have necrosis of superficial veins.

Various myopathies, necrosis of muscle tissues, disorders of breathing and problems with serdem, methadone trip takes place within three days after use and the drug accumulates in various tissues and joints.

Method dependency stages

1) Psychological dependence in which the patient seems to be that it can be controlled by the dose. At the first stage, there are still no pronounced physical or social signs

2) Physical dependence - the patient constantly needs a new dose. At this stage, problems with work, money and problems in family life begin

3) the Third stage – decompensation, at this stage, a person has exhausted all the internal organs and begins the formation of somatic problems

it is Important to remember that methodologoy overdose one of the most dangerous overdoses, fatal about 83%.

the opioid group in Russia is sometimes used as a drug addict. Everything is poison and everything is medicine.

Methadone dependency treatment

methadone addiction Treatment is a complex of psychological, physical and rehabilitation measures.


Methadone withdrawal takes place within 4 weeks (heroin takes 4-10 days) in link with this, the patient is experiencing severe pain, withdrawal symptoms and self "to break" manages to many. Therefore, doctors prescribe UBOD (morning rapid opioid detoxification) to clean the whole body and as a result to relieve physical pain.


Treatment of drug addiction is always a set of measures that are impossible without a competent psychotherapist who sets new goals for the patient in life, requires him to perform basic actions aimed at future rehabilitation (abandonment of the old company, attempts at socialization and much more), unfortunately patients rarely can motivate themselves and not succumb to the withdrawal syndrome.


Psychological and social rehabilitation includes attending courses such as "former addict" in which experienced psychologists conduct group and individual sessions of psychotherapy.

As a result of rehabilitation, the patient receives new social confirmations, new goals and becomes a person free from drugs fully controlling his life.

unfortunately methadone is one of those drugs with which to peel off their own does not work in 80% of patients, so self-medicate and try to heal yourself if You are faced with methadone addiction - stupid.

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