is Your husband a drug addict?


it is Impossible to imagine a worse situation than being married to a drug addict. Living with a person who is addicted to drugs is like living with a monster. This monster transforms the existence of all family members and relatives in hell, it causes the family severe psychological damage as well as financial. It would seem, for what the woman has to suffer it? Why not just walk away from her husband, leaving the addict with his problem? Despite the horror that the addict delivers, my husband is a native and close person, which is associated with a lot of nice romantic moments. He's the same kind of family you have to fight for if you can. That is why every woman tries to help husband drug addict get rid of his addiction.

What it means to be an addict's wife

On all sorts of thematic forums very often you can find women's questions: "What if the husband is a drug addict?", "How to help her husband to stop using drugs?", "Leave her husband or stay?"What will life be like with husband a drug addict?". Statistics tell us the sad facts: every drug addict is someone's husband, father, son.

Being the wife of a drug addict means taking on a lot of problems:

Money that is intended for the purchase of food, clothing, medicines, tuition, housing, entertainment, can be spent for drugs. Drugs are the Central point of a drug addict's life.

drug addict's day Mode is broken. It is poorly oriented in time, for him it exists only in periods of high and adoption doses.

the Addict is physically exhausted. The husband can not perform physical work around the house, drive a car.

The addict's psyche suffers. He quickly gets excited, falls into a depressed mood.

Addiction turns even the most honest person into a notorious liar and manipulator.

Sooner or later, the husband will be fired from his job because the drug addict will not tolerate any employer.

drug Addiction is a progressive disease based on addiction to drugs. Unfortunately, every year this disease expands the boundaries of its activity, bringing grief to millions of families. At the moment when the house is a junkie, ends in happiness. From that moment on in the house there are lies, theft, scandals, tears, financial problems. Despite the death statistics, a drug addict is not a sentence. Thanks to the patience of loving wives hundreds of thousands of men are cured of this pernicious disease and return to normal life.

the family of the husband is an addict – what to do?

When there is a problem in the family such as a husband who is a drug addict who uses banned substances, every wife thinks to leave or stay. Of course, the wife is not obliged to tolerate the husband of a drug addict, endless scandals, his painful withdrawal, pleas, threats and even bullying. But still it is worth thinking, because no one will need a husband, except his wife and children. And, if there is a chance for recovery, at least a small, they need to take advantage.

If a woman decides that she wants to help her husband cope with his addiction, you need to understand that the problem will not be solved in one day. She needs to have a lot of patience, even perseverance. Woman should carefully to prepare yourself for this difficult struggle.

Need to know everything about addiction. It's hard to help another person if you don't understand the problem. This includes knowledge and understanding absolutely all aspects of the problem. When we are told that a child has a certain disease, for example, we learn all we can about it. So in this case. You need to arm yourself with knowledge about drug addiction literally to the teeth: types drug, the symptoms, how is breaking how to help her husband in breaking down how to behave. By learning as much as possible about addiction, a family can help their loved one recover.

you Need to prepare yourself morally and set yourself up for positive. It is necessary to find the inner strength that will push to action, even when scared, when there will be more physical. How to gain this power? To communicate with people who have successfully overcome drug addiction, watch movies, programs on this topic, sincerely pray to God.

No need to refuse help. Very often, families hide their problems because they are afraid of public censure, condemnations. It's such a shame when there is a drug addict in the house – people will say. But by making it a secret, you give permission to the disease, you stimulate it. The addict's family deserves all the help and support they can get. Even simple words support is encouraging, not to mention financial assistance. There are countless support groups to reach out to. The most important thing is to break out of isolation. We need to look for an opportunity to spend time with people who friendly, and set up a positive mood.

it is Necessary to protect yourself and children. A woman should always be prepared a place where in a critical situation she can hide with family.

How to recognize that a husband needs help

Often the relatives of a drug addict are so blinded by the tragedy that happened in their home that they are not able to assess the situation soberly. A woman can buy drugs herself to her husband to relieve his pain during withdrawal, sell things from home and give him all the money. She sincerely believes that this is the last time, but in fact the disease is progressing and worsening. Therefore, it is important to know the signs that need to be treated if a drug addict is detected:

Physiological symptoms: redness of the eyes, dilation of the pupils, sharp weight loss, trembling of the hands, painful skin color, loss of hearing and coordination.

Exterior transformations: neglected look, unwashed hair, dirty clothes, shoes.

behavior Changes: mood swings, overexcitation, aggressiveness, whining, lying, stealth.

Personal problems: dismissal at work, decreased performance, change of social circle.

Financial issues. My husband is a drug addict may be greatly reduced salary, to receive the debts, the house begins to disappear money and valuables.

And the most important attribute is negation. As a rule, a drug addict will never admit to his problem and will lie to the last, deny everything and Dodge.

How to help your husband fight addiction

it is almost impossible to Cure drug addiction on your own. To do this, you need to have tremendous willpower, endurance and ability to resist temptations. Unfortunately, the addict doesn't have all that. One way out – treatment in specialized clinics. But it is important to understand that we are talking about voluntary treatment. The husband should realize the consequences of his addiction to drugs and personally contact a medical institution.

First of all you need to talk to your husband about the problem. It is necessary to choose the moment when he will be in a conscious state and try to decide together what to do with this problem. Give him the possible problems of addiction:

cardiac diseases, up to stroke;

pulmonary diseases;


the development of mental disorders;

overdose death.

these Are the most severe consequences of drug use. In addition, drug addicts weakens the immune system, suffers from physical training, memory, attention, impotence develops.

Another way to convince a drug addict to go to treatment is to record a video of him in the lead role. It is desirable that on this video it was in the most unsightly condition. Perhaps, seeing themselves with hand, husband the addict will understand how low he has fallen and will decide what to do next.

Trying to get rid of her husband's drug addict, from his addiction, you need to decide in advance with the clinic in which you plan treatment. It is useful to go with her husband to a narcologist, perhaps a specialist will be able to more it is available to explain to the addict what awaits him in case of refusal of treatment.

Remember, to intimidate and to threaten the addict is not worth it. No need to blackmail him and try to manipulate. At this point, he may show an outbreak of aggression, and he can hurt his loved ones.

How to help yourself

while Struggling with her husband's drug addiction, it is important for a woman not to forget, but to take care of herself. This is necessary in order to maintain strength of mind, self-control, not to fall into depression. You need to learn to avoid improve communication skills and acquire healthy mechanisms to overcome stress.

chat with like-minded people;

visit a therapist individually and with your spouse;

relax through meditation, yoga, massage, swimming;

devote your time to Hobbies and entertainment;

play sports;

sleep well and eat right;

don't put an addict husband above family needs;

spend a lot of time with children.

the treatment in the clinic "Narkozdrav"

If your family has a drug problem and you don't know. What to do to get competent help in the fight against drug-addicted husband need to go to a drug treatment clinic "Narkozdrav". Center treatment offers many different methods of overcoming addiction.

Treatment of substance use disorders begins with a hospital-based detoxification program. With the help of medicines is carried out the withdrawal of all drugs from the body. For the sick round-the-clock supervision is conducted, treatment is carried out by qualified specialists.

the Next long stage: rehabilitation. The rehabilitation stage involves intensive therapy, relapse prevention, psychotherapy. After all, drug addiction is a psychological disease. It is important not just to enter all toxins from the body, but also to clear the brain of the patient from painful thoughts.

Choose a drug treatment clinic "Narkozdrav" stands for the following reasons:

100% anonymity;

modern and safe treatments;

high level of professionalism of employees;

guaranteed result;

psychological support service for relatives of the patient.

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