Getting rid of dependencies


Unique method of narcologist Nurislamov

Numerous examples prove that independent resistance of dependence practically does not give results. To cope with the psychological barriers helps the patient psychotherapy, and in cases of low hypnosis of the patient (in the absence of contraindications) drug therapy.

It is based on light anesthesia, allowing the patient to be liberated, get rid of feelings of embarrassment, alertness, increasing its suggestibility.

Nurislamov's drug therapy


Nurislamov's Method consists in creating a persistent motivation of the patient for treatment with the help of the method of drug therapy developed by him. Dependent on something the patient always remembers those pleasant moments of the use of psychoactive substances or periods of fun time together with alcohol, or a drug.

Only after receiving from the use of psychoactive substances problems our patients begin to treat them negatively, but it does not last long, memories of pleasure, high, alcoholic relaxation or drug intoxication outweighs all recently received negative from communication with relatives, doctors or law enforcement agencies.

A feature of the perception of the patient is that it is from the experience of its dependencies allocates and remember only the pleasant moments. Even if the disease already brings problems, the patient thinks about them only for a short time and again turns in his thoughts to the "positive" sides of the drug experience. They outweigh the painful experience in the mind of the patient.

This is the essence of psychological dependence, and if it were not, then drug addiction would be treated in a few days with the help of detoxification. This session gives the effect of waking up, avoiding unnecessary. "Positive" impressions from drug addiction is erased by an even stronger experience of serenity that the patient experiences during the session. After this experience, there is no desire to return to drugs.

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The decrease of General activity (dizziness, slow speech, lack of exercise)


Increased sociability, self-confidence, willingness to follow doctor's instructions.


Stun. At this stage, the doctor proceeds to repeat the short formulas of suggestion in the imperative form.


Principles and methods of work


When working with patients, the psychiatrist-narcologist Sergey Nurislamov applies the methods of transpersonal therapy, groff's holotropic breathing, emotional stress and aversive methods, as well as art therapy, body-oriented therapy, drug-induced disinhibition, the altered States of consciousness, tanatoterapiya, symbols.

The unique technique of the doctor involves a combination of all these psychotherapeutic agents in individual proportions for a long session.

The principle of spiritual integrity for the doctor and philosopher Sergey Nurislamov is fundamental in his work. If a person follows this principle, his life flows in harmony and there is no place for drugs and alcohol. And here it is important to understand that a person can change. The worst thing we is able to do is to decide what we ossified formed personality. This is self-deception, because a person can develop, change their ideas about themselves and, thus, change yourself and your life.

The process of gaining spiritual integrity is both painful and enjoyable. It hurts to get out of your comfort zone, to break your rigid ideas about yourself, to change your life. It is incredibly pleasant to acquire new knowledge, external and internal skills.

The main types of drug and psychotherapeutic effects:



Short-term or prolonged incomplete anesthesia is used as a background for suggestions (the most common technique);

d Drug hypnosis is an auxiliary or basic technique. Suggestion and sleep in this case are inextricably combined;
d Multiple intravenous administration of the drug is appropriate in the case of the predominance of the patient's skeptical, anxiety-depressive mood, violation of appetite, sleep. Only euphoric properties of the drug without concomitant suggestion are used;
Combined drug therapy.

Patient motivation


During a session of drug therapy is the activation of other centers of the brain, rather than involved in obtaining narcotic pleasure. Therefore, a person switches to other values: family, leisure, career. The method is based on the following disciplines like psychiatry, psychotherapy and neurophysiology. The method is based on the developments obtained by the doctor during his work in the psychophysiological service for athletes of national teams of Russia. Before the employee service was the task to motivate team members to the highest achievements in sports, to set goals and achieve them.

So formed ideas about methods of motivating patients for treatment. In this case, the doctor directs the person to destroy the craving for drugs, which prevents him, as well as the athlete to achieve the result is motivated by rejection of everything that does not allow it to reach.

The method combines psychotherapeutic influence and physiotherapy. So, for example, the methodology is complemented by samarlakota xenotilapia. Auto-suggestion combined with xenon inhalation gives the experience of total relaxation. So the same person learns self-hypnosis, which allows you to achieve complete relaxation on their own and thus cope with stress and tension without psychoactive drugs.

Drug therapy prepares the ground for the rational further use of methods of psychotherapy, successfully "erases" from memory everything related to alcohol and drug intake, up to their taste, appearance and smell.



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