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Rehabilitation in Angola and the Congo

Alcohol abuse is one of the most significant causes of increased mortality and reduced ability to work. The clinic offers rehabilitation from alcohol dependence, as well as he is engaged in drug treatment in Angola and Congo, guaranteeing an individual approach to each and the highest effect.

Essence of rehabilitation method

Due to the growing iboga Bush in Africa, the necessary rehabilitation effect for the rehabilitation of alcoholism is achieved much faster than in other similar clinics in Russia. The fact is that in this the shrub has a non-narcotic psychoactive substance Ibogaine. For the same reason, the centre provides effective rehabilitation of drug addiction.

By investing in treatment , patients gain guaranteed sobriety and new health. In addition, improved brain activity to the highest state - remember that all the money invested will be beaten out depending on what method of treatment you choose.

Almost a million people die from alcoholism every Year, according to statistics, and with timely treatment, the probability of death or stroke is sharply reduced. This is evidenced by the international medical health organization.

Advantages of contacting us

Going through rehabilitation not in Russia - a person protects himself from the usual circle of communication and can be distracted by travel. Another advantage is that treatment in Africa involves practice using harmless Ibogaine. It can be divided into phases: first there is a hallucinogenic phase, then - a phase of introspection. The hallucinogenic phase is described as oneyroid hallucinosis, which lasts up to 6 hours.

due to the fact that Angola and Congo are almost safe in terms of crime, but not particularly safe in a number of diseases - you will need vaccination against common yellow fever and polio (oral vaccine is made).

100% treatment of alcoholism

Ibogaine is called a hallucinogen that causes disorientation, which occurs due to the fantastic properties of the hallucinogenic effect it causes. Also, the plant catalyzes the state of consciousness, it is reminiscent of a dream, and at the same time is characterized by absolute awareness, so during the experience can be processed various memories, all life experience and worked through psychological trauma.

Alcohol addiction rehabilitation Center gives you a reliable guarantee that everything will work out. Self-analysis with the psychotherapeutic effect of Ibogaine will allow people to overcome all fears and remove the negative ones emotions.

Due to such treatment and reloading of consciousness - there is a real life rethinking with the rejection of the influence of the harmful drug (any dependence goes away).

Make just one call!

And you are forever a deliverer from alcoholism and drug addiction. Sent to rehabilitation in Africa is overseen by the head of the clinic Sergei Aksyonov. When you call, let us know that you are interested in rehabilitation in Africa and the doctor you will personally call you back.



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