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the Main problem of people suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, as well as their relatives is that patients do not hurry to see a doctor. There is a paradoxical situation: there is a patient who it requires help, but an adult is not easy to bring for treatment. From this feature of patients there are myths about the alleged incurable conditions. However, there is already a way out — it's a narcologist at home.

Visiting a narcologist at home, what are the advantages?

From a medical point of view, addictions refer to diseases on a par with gastric ulcer or angina. However, domestic opinion stigmatizes people suffering from addictions, which is why they are in no hurry to go to the doctor. Anonymously call a narcologist at home in Moscow — a great way to solve most problems:

Overcome a person's reluctance to recognize their problem.

Avoid publicity among acquaintances, relatives, random people.

Maintain confidentiality without publicity at work: if the problem is found out by the personnel Department or superiors, it can it's dangerous for a sick man's career. Anonymity also ensures that there is no harassment by law enforcement.

Skip the stage of denial and anger characteristic of addictive symptoms.

Take measures to get rid of hangover, withdrawal syndrome caused by drugs. Psychiatrist in the house round the clock leaves, you can call at any time.

According to statistics, up to 90% of drug addicts and more than 70% of people suffering from chronic alcoholism die as a result of overdose of chemical or ethanol-containing substances. At the same time, call the usual "ambulance" to such patients are not recommended because of:


unskilled assistance;

subsequent denunciation in the workplace.

Calling a narcologist at home around the clock in Moscow is the only way to preserve the dignity and career achievements of the patient. Timely treatment can save a person's life, so if you notice signs heavy alcohol poisoning or intoxication with other substances — call a narcologist at home will be the right choice.

Guarantees of our doctors:

Qualified help — we use only the latest preparations for blood purification from toxic compounds.

Perfect cleanliness — unlike paramedics with an ambulance or in hospitals who are always trying to "save"», we use only sterile equipment.

Complete privacy — no one will know about this call.

Both a one-time call of the narcologist to the house in Moscow, and long-term management of the patient until getting rid of harmful predilections.

patient consent is Not required — when doctors arrive and "confront the fact", patients agree to accept care.

We do not only work with people suffering from chronic alcoholism or drug addiction. Sometimes it happens that a completely healthy person will not calculate his strength for the New Year, at a holiday or a party. But in the morning he needs to go to work, so slowly recover under the influence of cucumber brine — not an option. Calling a narcologist at home around the clock — the perfect method to recover in minutes thanks to infusion, purifying the liver and circulatory system.

Qualified doctors will provide quick and effective assistance in all situations involving intoxication with alcohol or chemicals. Quickly make a diagnosis, carry out the necessary activities — detoxification measures begin to take effect in a few minutes. Contact us to get help at any time round the clock narcologist at home.



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