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Home health care allows patients who do not have the opportunity, time or desire to undergo inpatient examination and treatment to receive medical services at home.

Clinic "Narkozdrav" offers to provide the following types of medical care at home:

Emergency home detox

Carrying out a complex of medical procedures at home (intravenous, intramuscular injections, droppers, massage and etc.);

Laboratory tests (blood tests, including General, biochemical, hormone determination)

the Most popular service is the removal of binge at home.

Always a professional narcologist with an expanded set of drugs goes on a call. Also, if necessary and in difficult cases, a team of specialists, consisting of a resuscitator, paramedic and narcology's.

the Peculiarity of the work of our specialists is that even if only a narcologist leaves for a call, he is in constant contact with the on-duty resuscitator and the on-duty senior doctor of the clinic. This ensures that you always all decisions on the treatment of the patient are taken collectively (together), which significantly reduces the likelihood of complications.



For further assistance you can always contact one of the leading specialists of the clinic "Narkozdrav"

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