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In the present reality, the fight against drug addiction has taken on a global scale. This disease covers all new people, leaving only small chance defeat its and to continue normal existence in society.

the Main mission of our adolescent drug treatment center

There are many public clinics that offer drug addicts treatment for free. This is undoubtedly a positive point, but it is worth considering whether there will be able to cure. For many treatment of drug addiction free of charge is the only possible way out, as they do not have the means to pay for skilled care. It should be noted the disadvantages of free drug treatment:

No anonymity. Turning to the state clinic for free assistance, the person provides That's all necessary documents and references. The data are recorded in a special database, which is transmitted to law enforcement officers. Drug addict put on record.

Use of base preparations. In order to remove the withdrawal syndrome, drug addicts are given only basic preparations, which have a short-term effect and do not give the desired effect.

Detoxification of the body is not carried out at the proper level. All systems narkozavisimosti person suffer from drinking chemical. They require a speedy and complete purification from poisons and toxins.

No rehabilitation. In most cases, free drug treatment is only a reduction in withdrawal. Long-term rehabilitation is not provided in public clinics. And psychological rehabilitation, which involves multiple communication with psychologists and psychotherapists, is not included in the services of most free clinics'.

No individual approach. The physical health and psychological state of the addict is not taken into account.

Private clinic treatment

Having financial opportunities, of course, you should seek professional treatment in a private specialized clinic. This will allow:

Remain anonymous. Personal data is not disclosed or transferred anywhere.

Use a variety of drugs and treatments. Doctors will pick You exactly the treatment that will be effective for Your body.

Complete body detoxification. Well-chosen modern drugs will help to minimize the negative aftermath drug use or even get rid of them.

Full comprehensive human rehabilitation. We offer both physical and psychological rehabilitation.

Individual approach to each client. Our experts take into account all the features of the human body and manifested diseases. In accordance with this, an individual treatment regimen is developed, which will allow the patient to get the expected effect.

For the treatment of drug addiction it is necessary that the man himself was aware of his problem and wanted to start treatment. Long-term experience of our experts will help to carry out psychological work with the patient, will support him on all stages of treatment and rehabilitation.

it is Very important that there are native people who would provide help and support to the patient next to the drug addict. Unlike public clinics, in private it is possible and is one of the necessary elements' treatments.

it Should be remembered that it is impossible to cope with drug addiction on your own. This is a serious disease that requires a professional approach, qualified medical care and quality further rehabilitations.

If You or Your loved ones are in such trouble, you should immediately seek help from a specialized clinic. The longer the intake of drugs lasts, the less chance to cope with addiction. Qualified treatment will allow:

get rid of drug addiction;

get rid of concomitant drug addiction diseases that await drug addicts with experience;

regain your position in society, find a family;

maintain relationships with family and loved ones.

Turning to the clinic, You will not only be cured of a terrible disease, but also gain psychological comfort. Our experts will return You self-confidence, their own strength, will help to build new goals and start them achieve. Try to start a new life without drugs, with which You will gain freedom and recognition.



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