How to treat spice addiction?


Specialists of the clinic told about what a spice addiction is and how to get rid of it.

What is spice?

Spice, a drug that began to appear actively in Russia and CIS countries in 2012, in 2014 was officially recorded 900 deaths from an overdose of spice and more than 9,000 deaths according to unofficial data.

In this article You will learn what a spice is, how it is harmful, and most importantly how to get rid of the dependence on spice.

Modern spice is a synthesized product of JWH-018 on the strength of impact and harm to the body 8-10 times stronger than the usual "grass".

Almost immediately, after Smoking spice come powerful hallucinations that can lead to tragic consequences, for example: out of the window into the street, the desire to rush under the wheels of a car or jump out of the window of a high-rise building. The connection with the surrounding reality is lost.

drug Addicts with experience warn against Smoking spice, saying that today it is the most powerful on the impact on the human psyche drug (addictive almost the first time).

Reasons for use


Need social confirmation (influence of friends)

drug Popularity

But how to cure spice addiction?

the Key point is motivation.

Chronic use of spice in 100% of cases leads to stupefication of the person, roughly speaking the person becomes an animal and the only thing that he needs is a new dose of Smoking mixture. In drug treatment, patient motivation is always important, but spice is one of those drugs that takes away a person's ability to think.

First of all, the patient needs to endure physical withdrawal, which is 3-4 days after which the ability to think returns to him and he will be able to come to the desire to heal himself.

a Good method to avoid physical withdrawal and cleanse the body is AMR (ultra fast opioid detoxification).

we Must remember that the approach to treatment should be comprehensive and affect both physical and psychological treatment. Needless to not forget about the rehabilitation period in which a person will learn to live sober.

Psychological treatment

Stop communicating with the old company

Give a person the opportunity to remember old habits, occupations which he liked

Help in becoming a new life goal

If Finances allow you, be sure to consult a good psychotherapist

Physical treatment

Withdrawal of withdrawal (AML)

Medical therapy aimed at the restoration of damaged organs


Psychological and social rehabilitation includes attending courses such as "former addict" in which experienced psychologists conduct group and individual sessions of psychotherapy.

As a result of rehabilitation, the patient receives new social confirmations, new goals and becomes a person free from drugs and fully controlling his life.

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