Symptoms of computer game addiction


Dependence on computer games — symptoms, treatment and frequently asked questions.

What is a dependency on computer games?

Addiction to computer games is commonly referred to as an unhealthy desire to "play the computer", from a psychological point of view this is called OCD disorder.

Obsessive compulsive disorder. Instead of developing in the real world, an addict (it could be both a child and an adult) spends hours in the virtual world. The instrument of receiving pleasure with OCD is very similar to drug addiction, a person gets the next level, or kills a RAID boss, for which he receives a new dose of dopamine. If Your teen or husband has experienced this addiction, it is important to know the symptoms to recognize the problem early on and to have time to take warning steps.

Symptoms of gaming addiction include:

Needless unwillingness to be distracted from the game, irritation if this happens. Possible outbreaks of unmotivated from the point of view of relatives of violent outbursts.

"Donation", that is, the infusion of real funds into a computer game, often in large quantities

Feeling of emotional lift when playing for PC

the Ability of a person to ignore physiological needs (lack of desire to cook, neglect of basic hygienic needs)

Physical symptoms include all symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle. This can be:

back Pain

leg Pain

muscle Atrophy

sleep Issues

it is Important to understand that this problem, whether it is a child or an adult, can adversely affect his future and present, because the problem often lies in the inability to receive pleasure hormones with the help of the "real world". Man wants to be an elf, a gnome, an Orc 80 level and have "high" status in HIS world. You should understand that neither prohibitions nor attempts to take away the computer will not help in solving the problem. People with OCD need a visit to a psychotherapist, and do not be afraid of the word "psychiatrist", this is not a person who begins to "conjure" over the worldview of your loved one, and a specialist who has received some experience in helping people who do not correctly perceive real life.

What should I do?

First of all, it is worth trying to explain to a person that the game ends in life, and you need to move in the real world. Try to convey to the patient that he is inconvenient to his family and friends.

If you can not solve the problem yourself, the specialists of the clinic of drug Addiction will be happy To help you.

Remember that by responding to the problem in a timely manner You will be able to solve it quickly and painlessly for the patient.

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